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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Fact Check: Ghost Guns … There’s No Such Thing! - Ammoland.com

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- As more blue counties and states across the country try desperately to get every gun registered under a “universal background check” system, the term “ghost gun” is being leveraged to its full potential.

The new fake narrative focuses on the success of sheriff departments and other law enforcement taking these so-called “ghost guns” off the streets.

You’ll notice they don’t talk about confiscating weapons from violent felons. If they did, some folks might start asking why those felons were let out of jail. So, never mind that. Their job is to keep you focused on the gun.

Ghost Gun Hoax

The term “ghost gun” was created by Anti-Gunners to scare people who don’t know any better into believing, that these spooky firearms are more deadly than others while re-directing your focus from their every-so-popular, police department de-funding efforts. The term “ghost gun” is nothing more than a nomenclature to describe a firearm that is untraceable but the term brings with it, a new, bone-chilling level of fright. Well, at least that’s what they are hoping for. The two-part plan is to introduce a new type of firearm for the emotionally challenged to fear while encouraging everyone to believe that untraceable firearms are unacceptable. In their pursuit to garner support for more gun restrictions, nationwide firearm registries, and red flag confiscations; the political left is willing to push “ghost guns” to anyone who will listen.

Fear has always been the most important tool for the gun-grabbers. Diane Feinstein capitalized on irrational gun-fear by pushing the term “assault weapon” into the public forum, Obama and Hillary tried using the “weapons of war” narrative, and they all love using the fake term “gun-violence.” Now we are starting to see “ghost gun” take center stage. What’s scarier than ghosts? Be careful, they might possess you or lurk around your house in the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping. Anti-gun legislators, their lapdog media, and well-funded lobbyists will use anything that works to keep their fearful followers on the edge of their seats.

Along with the fearsome will conjure up in response to the new scare-tactic, the idea that all guns “should be” registered with the federal government is implied in this new campaign.

This is the Brady Campaign‘s agenda-correct description of so-called, “ghost guns.”

There are no federal restrictions on who can buy ghost gun kits or parts;
(As it should be.)

There are no federal limitations on how many ghost gun kits or parts someone can buy;
(This statement implies that there should be.)

Ghost gun kits and parts are relatively cheap;
(That’s great. Finally, affordable parts!)

Ghost gun kits and parts are intentionally marketed as unregulated and untraceable to appeal to those who want to avoid background checks and/or are gun traffickers.
(False. They’re not intentionally marketed to appeal to those who want to avoid background checks. This may be a “Brady Projection.” Maybe it’s nobody’s damn business and I just want to make my own gun.

When the first 10 amendments to the Constitution were ratified, there were no serial numbers, background checks, magazine capacity restrictions, or gun-free zones.

People didn’t register their guns with the government? As a matter of fact; the less the government knew, the better. The idea of gun ownership was that it was none of the government’s business. That narrative has been carefully shaped and crafted to represent the exact opposite. It is now the opinion of some that all gun ownership should be regulated and overseen by a federal agency and that all guns should be registered with the government. This is the exact opposite of what our Founding Fathers wanted. This rhetoric from the Brady campaign is designed to presuppose that guns “should” be registered. They want people to build an opinion off of a false premise.

Click the link to read the whole article:   Fact Check: Ghost Guns … There’s No Such Thing!

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