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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Under the Guise of Punishing Russia, Biden Instead Hurts U.S Gun Owners Banning Ammo - Ammoland.com

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Gun Owners of America is aware of the Biden State Department’s Notice [of new sanctions] that “[n]ew and pending permit applications for the permanent importation of firearms and ammunition manufactured or located in Russia will be subject to a policy of denial.”

We recognize the devastating implications these sanctions would have on individual gun owners amidst a national ammunition shortage. We are currently exploring administrative, congressional, and legal avenues to respond to these new sanctions.

Once again, the Biden Administrations’ actions are misplaced. Ending imports by licensed importers will not stop drug dealers, murderers, and other assorted street criminals.

It will, however, harm legitimate US businesses while driving up the cost of other ammunition due to more buyers chasing a smaller supply.  It is clear to us that the intention is not to harm Russia but rather to hinder the acquisition of firearms and ammunition by American citizens

Click the link to read the whole article:   Biden Hurts U.S Gun Owners

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