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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Time Is Running Out to Comment on the ATF's Receiver Rule - Firearms Policy Coalition

Friend --

I know you have probably received an email from me before encouraging you to take some time to add your comment on the ATF's proposed "receiver" rule.  If you have already submitted your comment, please share this email with those who you believe may be willing to help out by submitting their own comments. If you haven't, you better get moving! The deadline to submit your comment on the ATF's proposed "receiver" rule is August 19th. That's less than two weeks away!

We, at Firearms Policy Coalition, need YOUR help to stop the ATF's unconstitutional and dangerous proposed "receiver" rule that could radically and unnecessarily expand their powers. Let's face it, none of us want that to happen.

What exactly would this proposed rule do if adopted? To start with, the ATF's proposed rule, ATF 2021R-05, would broadly redefine "firearm" and "frame or receiver" to expand the number and types of items that ATF would consider regulated firearms. This would be a disaster for the firearms industry and individual gun owners who enjoy building their own firearms. It is also an unconstitutional attempt to legislate via regulation! Adding insult to injury, the proposed rule seems almost intentionally vague and unclear, making it a nightmare to determine what would be legal or not.

Here's where you come in. Take a few minutes to write a unique and personalized message so that they can hear from FPC supporters on this important matter! To comment on the proposed "receiver" rule, simply click the red "ATF Receiver Rule Comment" button below.

FPC is incredibly fortunate to have so many informed and active members/supporters in our Grassroots Army. Help us run up the number of comments on the ATF's proposed "receiver" rule in these final few days, so that there is not the slightest doubt where gun owners sit on this issue.  Thanks in advance for taking action and for your continued support of FPC! 

Yours in Liberty,

Trey Ramsey
Grassroots Manager
Firearms Policy Coalition [FPC]

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