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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

What's In the Proposed $3.5 Trillion Dollar Budget Resolution? Possibly, Gun Control - Firearms Policy Coalition

Friend --

Most of the bills we reach out to you about are pretty direct.  Universal background check bills have been introduced that clearly state the bills' intentions.  Likewise, "assault weapon" bans have been pretty forward with their goals.  Today's alert, however, surrounds a very vague allocation of $107 billion for "community violence intervention" (CVI), along with other proposals, tucked away in the $3.5 trillion budget resolution (S. Con.  Res. 14). But what exactly is CVI?

The answer is nobody knows. And I think that's the point. The intentionally ambiguous language in the budget resolution leads me to believe that the $107 billion allocation of funds, that would in part be directed towards "community violence intervention", could be used for whatever elected officials deem a threat to the community. How much do you want to wager those anti-gun local officials won't utilize this money for their own political agendas?

Due to the potential for these CVI funds to be used and abused by anti-gun localities to target gun ownership rather than crime, you should contact your members of Congress and demand they oppose S. Con. Res 14 AND any other appropriations items that violate citizens' Second Amendment rights. To do this just click one of the red "No Taxpayer Money for Gun Control" buttons in this email.  You will then be able to directly contact your specific legislators by sending them a message against this budget resolution. You will be provided a prewritten email to edit and personalize prior to sending it off.

Congress is debating this budget resolution as I type this email, so please reach out to your elected officials ASAP to make an impact TODAY. With our growing ranks and influence, our voices will be heard! Thank you in advance for taking action and for your continued support of FPC.

Yours in Liberty,

Trey Ramsey
Grassroots Manager
Firearms Policy Coalition [FPC]

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