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Saturday, May 8, 2021

VT: Amendment Poses Jeopardy for Citizens Engaged in Self-Defense - Ammoland.com

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Legislation introduced this session to address policing that took a turn for the worse recently.  It was amended in the Senate and now represents a striking blow to citizens’ right to self-defense.  The bill had passed the House without the amendment, but the troublesome language was added late in the process before clearing the Senate.

H.145, by Rep. Maxine Grad, as currently written, would eliminate legal protections for those engaged in self-defense in the aid of others.  These protections evaporate if you are fending off a violent attack for anyone other than yourself or an immediate family member.  For example, the convenience store manager rescuing a clerk from an armed robber or an individual helping a neighbor who has come under violent criminal attack would now be in legal jeopardy and could face prosecution.  It’s also perplexing that the standard under the “justifiable homicide” statute is now at odds with those existing under the “aggravated assault” statute.

Vermont is a small rural state, and much of the state does not have local law enforcement, relying on state police coverage.  The state troopers are off duty between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., leaving citizens to provide for their own self-defense in much of the state.

The bill has passed both chambers and was delivered to the Governor’s desk today.  Your immediate assistance is requested!  Please call Gov. Phil Scott at 802-828-3333 and respectfully ask him to veto H.145.​


Oregon Legislature Passes ‘Safe Storage’ Bill; Gun Group Declares ‘Sell-Out’ - Ammoland.com

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Lawmakers in Salem, Oregon have passed the first gun control bill in a long time, and the Oregon Firearms Federation is declaring in a message that six Republican state senators, led by Senate Minority Leader Fred Girod have engaged in a “sell out.”

Yet all six voted “no” on the bill. They were joined by Democrat Sen. Betsy Johnson from Scappoose. A full voting history of the bill can be read here.

Senate Bill 554 is a so-called “safe storage” measure stretching 12 pages, and it includes a prohibition on firearms in the Capitol and “large airport terminals” and allows school districts, community colleges and universities to “set their own rules outlawing guns on their grounds,” OPB reported.

The bill mandates that the owner or “possessor” of a firearm “shall, at all times that the firearm is not carried by or under the control of the owner, possessor or authorized person, secure the firearm: (A) With an engaged trigger or cable lock; (B) In a locked container; or (C) In a gun room.”

According to Oregon Public Broadcasting, if Democrat Gov. Kate Brown signs the legislation, which seems likely, the Beaver State “will join 11 other states with laws requiring locking devices on stored firearms.”

One Oregon gun owner who requested anonymity told AmmoLand News via telephone that passage of the bill was “the stupidest thing you can possibly do.”


Click the link to read the whole article:   Oregon Legislature Passes ‘Safe Storage’ Bill


ATF Releases Proposed Rules For So-Called ‘Ghost Gun’ Receivers & Frames - Ammoland.com

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) released new proposed guidelines on unfinished firearms receivers and frames.

As AmmoLand News reported back in November, the Biden transition team met with Acting ATF Director Regina Lombardo to get the ATF’s top priorities. The top brass at the ATF cited unfinished firearm receivers and pistol braces as their top two priorities. President Biden then promised swift action on firearms. Biden’s Vice President, Kamala Harris, is openly hostile towards the Second Amendment. She believes that the right to bear arms only applies to a state-run militia.

In early April, Biden announced his executive action against unfinished frames and receivers.

He gave the ATF 30-days to come up with new rules and regulations regarding what he refers to as “ghost guns.” Anti-gun groups and 22 states plus the District of Columbia have been pushing for changes to the laws. These groups and politicians think that these non-firearms should be treated as fully functional guns.

Under the new rule, the ATF would consider any externally visible housing or holding structure to be a frame or receiver. The builder would also have to get the frame serialized once it reaches near completion. The ATF now has wide latitude to decide what is and isn’t a frame or receiver.

The proposed new rule reads:

“More than one externally visible part may house or hold a fire control component on a particular firearm, such as with a split or modular frame or receiver. Under these circumstances, ATF may determine whether a specific part or parts of the weapon is the frame or receiver, which may include an internal frame or chassis at least partially exposed to the exterior to allow identification.”

The new rules also go after “buy build shoot” kits.  The ATF will consider these kits to be firearms.

The ATF Polymer80 raided over their kits.  The law enforcement agency considers these to be “readily convertible” since all parts are included in the kits.  The ATF is now changing the rules to justify their previous raids.

Manufacturers must mark all unfinished frames and receivers with “their name (or recognized abbreviation), and city and state (or recognized abbreviation) where they maintain their place of business; or their name (or recognized abbreviation) and their abbreviated FFL number, on each part defined as a frame or receiver, along with the serial number.”  FFLs holding  “privately made firearms” (PMF) must serialize their firearms within 60 days of the ruling. The owner could also destroy the gun or turn it into the government. Silencers are also targeted in the ruling.


Click the link to read the whole article:   ATF Releases Proposed Rules


ATF TO REDEFINE FIREARM "FRAME/RECEIVER"- Fight for Gun Rights! - TheGunCollective