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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Notice to SPAM Commenters

Like the one who I not just deleted the Spam comment, I also reported the account to Google for Spamming us here.

All Comments on the GBBL Are Moderated.

Which means I see them before anyone else does.

So if you are trying to post Spam, please don't bother.  My phone alerts me whenever the GBBL gets a comment that needs to be moderated so yes even at 2:30 in the morning, I get up and moderate the comments.

We try to be sure comments are not held in moderation long as it slows dow the freeflow of information.


When you post here I also report not just your comment but your profile as well.

SO if you want to keep getting complaints until Google or MSN or AOL suspends your account feel free.  Your SPAM Comments are NOT going to see the front page.

Sorry about this folks I had just fallen asleep when my phone woke me for a Spammer comment.

Going back to bed.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

How to get listed on the Gun Blog Black List

I've had to turn down a few requests for inclusion here on the GBBL.

And I'll tell you why I did.

The blogs submitted were firearms related blogs, however there was no substantive or real content.  It was just content that almost any gun mag you buy at the store or one the publishers website would have.

Or it was overtly business or commercial in nature.

If you go through the blogs listed, you won't find very many that are tied implicitly to a business.  Granted the are a few, however they have other real content that is not directly related to trying to get you to buy something.  That is why they have been included.

Also all of the blogs listed regularly update with original content.  Not a copy/paste of other sites content.

And while many of the blogs listed don't write exclusively about firearms, they do have in their archives many good firearms related posts.

So to get listed, you must have firearms and shooting related content.  The content must be original.  And it must be updated regularly.

As I wrote above, there are a couple that are of a commercial nature.  However their content is not all commercial.

That is the standard you need to find for your blog.

Good, original content with firearms and shooting coverage.  And no overt commercial or business related posts.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, Every Day No Days Off or Endo is one of the "Business" blogs listed.  What is his business?  He sells firearms related apparel.  But he also has content which is NOT related to his business.  Quite a bit, in fact.

So if you have a blog an would like to be listed, feel free to click on my name to go to my profile and then click on my e-mail address OR click up at the top where it says Meet the Mods and scroll down to where my e-mail address is listed and click on that.

We review every blog submitted and if it is something questionable I check with the Boss to get his feelings.  If we both feel that it's not a good match I send an e-mail explaining why.  If we do add you to the GBBL I also let you know by e-mail as well.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Kilted To Kick Cancer Starts September 1st.

To Donate go to Kilted To Kick Cancer - Donate

If you are donating in the name of a certain Team the teams are below.

The teams so far this year are;

Team Ambulance Driver

Team Brosius

Team Corpus Christi

Team Coykendall

Team Happy Medic

Team Soul Crusher

Team USA Karate

Team Unwired Medic

Read and understand the rules first! Help us make September another Prostate Cancer Awareness Month to remember!

Get Kilted! Get Checked!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Link Cleaning...

Took time tonight to clean up the sidebar.  Any blogs that hadn't posted in a year have been removed.  This should make it easier to find/navigate your favorite blogs.

The management...