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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bull and Turkey!

Not really in a mood to do a detailed review, other than this was a trip to the range and any trip to the range has been fun in one way or another.

The "Bull" is a Taurus, now a new family member. M94 with a 2" barrel. 9-shot .22 LR. Loooong pull on the trigger, but a fun plinker to be sure.

The "Turkey" is another Turkish gun I borrowed from the local shop. American Tactical MS380 4" barrel. This could be a nice carry gun, but a smidge on the heavy side. Didn't jam up like the last .40 did on wad-cutter ammo. It is strikingly similar to a Beretta Model 84B and it felt a lot like my Bersa Thunder 380. These Turkish guns are low $.



Old NFO said...

What's the plan for the Taurus? Trainer for a snubbie? And why does Taurus 'love' those LONG trigger pulls???

North said...

The plan for the Taurus is bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang hey that was fun!

Just a plinker.

The long trigger pull is some sort of exercise program for trigger fingers.

Old NFO said...

LOL, Understood Sir! :-)