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Friday, July 26, 2013

What's In My Range Bag? - ExurbanKevin

Because of North's previous page on the subject, we thought each of us should post the contents of our range bags here on the Gun Blog Blacklist.

So here we go.

I take a little different approach to range bags: I was a photojournalist for ten years and I quickly grew tired of carrying around lenses, cameras and strobes that I never, ever used but thought I needed in my bag "just in case". Over the years, I pared down my gadget bag to just the essentials to save weight and wear and tear on my lower back but still have enough with me to get the shot(s) I needed.

So it is with my range bag. I don't have a bag that I load up and keep loaded, I add and subtract from my bag depending on my reasons for heading to the range. This is what I usually have with me when I shoot a USPSA match at my local range. It's enough to deal with what might happen at the match, and if more might be needed (like a spare gun), I'll just leave it in the car and retrieve it when I have to.


Clockwise from upper left
  • A Midway USA range bag they don't make anymore, with a big interior pocket, two side pockets and six magazine pouches.
  • A Bore Store Pistol Rug for my gun
  • Howard Leight Electronic Earmuffs
  • A Competitive Edge Dynamics brass bag for spent casings. 
  • Sunscreen (because I live and shoot in Arizona)
  • Moar sunscreen (this time with bug repellent)
  • Brownell's gun oil 
  • Spare set of earplugs
  • Magazine speedloader
  • Cleaning Rag (because the desert is DARN dusty)
  • Spare mags (8 at a minimum)
  • My CZ75, because I usually shoot Production in USPSA
  • USPSA target overlays (just in case)
  • USPSA Rulebook (never had to use it, thank God)
  • Pens
  • Small Clipboard
  • Leatherman multitool
  • Cereal bar for snacking
  • Ammo boxes
  • Israeli combat bandage (never had to use it, thank God)
  • First Aid Kit (I have had to use that…)
Looking forward to seeing what my co-bloggers have in the range kits.


Larry said...

In my range bag, lessee...earplugs, check...first aid kit, yes, note to self, must get some clotting agent...adjusting tool for the Saiga...multi-tool for the Mosin...brass, gotta take that to the reloading bench...why did I leave this in there? WTF IS THAT?!?!?!

let me get back to you on that...

Old NFO said...

Nice one!