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Friday, November 8, 2013

The GBBL needs your help

If you know of a new Gun Oriented Blog that you think needs to be here on the GBBL please let us know by leaving a comment with the URL so we can check it out and get it added to the BlogRoll.

Also if you know of a gunnie, blogger or not, who needs help let us know so we can help get the word out.

If you are having a blog meet or blog shoot you want to get out the word on, let us know.

Help us, help the Gun Blog Community.

You can always leave a comment, and one of us Editors/Admins will look it over and take the appropriate action.  Or you can hit the "Meet the GBBL Mods" page at the top and send whichever one of us you choose an e-mail.

OldNFO has the final say on stuff, Kevin and I just try to make sure everything else run as smoothly as possible and every once in awhile will post up notices as they are needed.


Isaiah Joseph said...

Hello, i have been a fan of this blog for some times now, please can my website be added?

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

This is my blog and it is dedicated to teaching about guns and weapons.
Please consider adding me to your list.