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Friday, July 25, 2014

Remington R51 Recall...

The full text of Remington’s announcement is as follows:
“Earlier this year, we launched the innovative R51 subcompact pistol to critical acclaim. During testing, numerous experts found the pistol to function flawlessly. In fact, they found it to have lower felt recoil, lower muzzle rise and better accuracy and concealability than other products in its class.
However, after initial commercial sales, our loyal customers notified us that some R51 pistols had performance issues. We immediately ceased production to re-test the product.  While we determined the pistols were safe, certain units did not meet Remington’s performance criteria. The performance problems resulted from complications during our transition from prototype to mass production. These problems have been identified and solutions are being implemented, with an expected production restart in October.
Anyone who purchased an R51 may return it and receive a new R51 pistol, along with two additional magazines and a custom Pelican case, by calling Remington at (800) 243-9700.
It had to happen. Remington was catching a boatload of crap for being too slow and not necessarily because they came out with a gun that was not reliable as that will happen to any gun company.
I hope there has been a serious shake up within Remington as people are complaining not about theR51 but many of their other guns plusthey are also recalling their two models of their most popular rifles.
Time to step up.
h/t Miguel at Gun Free Zone.


Keads said...

That took too long too.

God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

Unfortunately... since the many changes in manufacturing locations, owners, etc... I have a hard time recommending Remington products...

Our 4H kids have had several brand new 870s with problems the last couple of years... a 700 rifle with a firing pin in the bolt from the factory... was it test fired?... R15 rifle problems right out of the box or another friend... two friends who rushed out to buy R51s and they both had problems...

Remington needs to step up... I mean, how do you mess up and 870 shotgun?

Dann in Ohio

Old NFO said...

Keads/Dan- Good questions, and no answers here.