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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Notice to SPAM Commenters

Like the one who I not just deleted the Spam comment, I also reported the account to Google for Spamming us here.

All Comments on the GBBL Are Moderated.

Which means I see them before anyone else does.

So if you are trying to post Spam, please don't bother.  My phone alerts me whenever the GBBL gets a comment that needs to be moderated so yes even at 2:30 in the morning, I get up and moderate the comments.

We try to be sure comments are not held in moderation long as it slows dow the freeflow of information.


When you post here I also report not just your comment but your profile as well.

SO if you want to keep getting complaints until Google or MSN or AOL suspends your account feel free.  Your SPAM Comments are NOT going to see the front page.

Sorry about this folks I had just fallen asleep when my phone woke me for a Spammer comment.

Going back to bed.


DayByDayCartoon said...

OT, but the final embed and subscribe codes are up at www.daybydaycartoon.com-but
it may, or may not, work.Thanks,Greylocke!

Mark/GreyLocke said...

No Problem Sir.

I hope my contribution helped.