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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Link Clean Up...

Spent the morning cleaning up blog links...

Deleted all links that hadn't posted in a year. I'm sad to say we lost 52 links... That's 52 voices we will no longer be able to share, and it's enough to make one wonder if people are getting fed up, scared, tired of pissing into the wind or what.

The truly sad part is a number of those blogs were from the ladies, and we've lost some great voices for the female side of the gun world.

If you know of gun bloggers we're not listing, please let us know with a link to their blogs.

Our little corner of the Internet deserves to have our voices heard.

Thanks to all those who visit and hit the links, in addition to those bloggers who have kept the faith and continue to be those voices 'in the wilderness' so to speak.

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