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Sunday, August 23, 2015

NRA-ILA - Reduce Firearm Ownership, Say Anti-Gun Researchers

"A new “study” by David Swedler, trained at the (gun control crusader Michael) Bloomberg School of Public Health, and co-authored by longtime anti-gun researcher David Hemenway, of the Harvard School of Public Health, uses rigged methodology to conclude that law enforcement officers are more likely to be murdered in states that have higher levels of gun ownership. As a result, Swedler and Hemenway say, “States could consider methods for reducing firearm ownership as a way to reduce occupational deaths of LEOs.”

In what may be the understatement of the century, Swedler and Hemenway concede that it’s “possible” that law enforcement officers are more likely to be murdered than other Americans because they have “more frequent encounters with motivated violent offenders.” To say the least. According to the FBI, from 2004 to 2013, 46 percent of officer murderers had prior arrests for crimes of violence, 63 percent had been convicted on prior criminal charges, 50 percent had received probation or parole for prior criminal charges, and 26 percent were under judicial supervision, including probation, parole, and conditional release, at the time of the officers’ murders.

On the other hand, Swedler and Hemenway say, law enforcement officers are able to defend themselves because they carry handguns, an argument that on its face endorses the carrying of handguns by private citizens, which is certainly not what the anti-gunners intended."

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skybill said...


Gambeir Bay said...

What I think needs to happen is to address these people and their actions for what they truly are, which is sedition and treason.

Any individual who says the Bill of Rights are Amendments is pulling the wool over your eyes. The Constitution of the United States of America only exists because of the Bills of Rights, not the other way round.

All Governments, of any type, are based upon Supreme Laws. The Bill of Rights define the type of government. They are the foundation for the descriptive framework which is the Constitution proper. Without these laws the Constitution is a format for a Monarchy. That what it was based upon, it's what James Madison and others thought we should have.

The United States of America was voted in to law by the people of the independent republics only after James Madison added the Bill of Rights which existed in the Republic of Virginia.

Prior to that, the people of these states had voted down the Constitution twice in every single state, and three times in another single state. Why? Because they had no rights and they had just defeated a tyrants army.

You people have got to get this clear. These are the laws, the supreme laws, and they define this republic as a democratic republic. What Bloomberg and associates want is to redefine this democratic republic back in to a form where they are the supreme law makers, where they the rich rule over the rest of us.

To advocate the overthrow the government, which is what he is doing, is by definition Sedition. It's sedition to advocate the overthrow of the laws which are the rights of the people and define our form of government. It is that simple.

The people who care about this nation, who want to be free, to be able to defend themselves and to be safe in their own homes, and on their own person need to start demanding these self proclaimed rules be brought to account for their underhanded activities.