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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Attention all Gun Bloggers Edited to add: at bottom

I'm am trying to figure out a way to increase the usefulness of the GBBL to our readers.

As such, I am asking, not requiring but asking, if you can send me an e-mail with your blog's name, URL and your location. The location can be as simple as the state/territory you reside in, or your City and State, or the general area of your State.  My General Area is The Gulf Coastal Bend Texas, which encompasses from Brownsville up to Galveston, north of Corpus Christi but South of Houston.

I am going to try to put together a state by state/country by country listing of the blogs, which would be available on a separate page.

Up at the top, you see the that there are already several "Pages" one for the main GBBL, one for Range Bags and another for us Mods/Editors.

I would like to make another page which would be a state by state listing of all the Gun, Firearm, and Second Amendment related blogs on a state by state basis.

I would also like the names and URL's for any State 2nd Amendment organizations which would be listed there as well.

This is NOT a requirement. It is simply something I would like to do to help new/old shooters find blogs that are located close to them and may be of more interest.

So even if your blog is not based in the U.S. you can send me your info. Please have an English or American (j/k) version available as Google Translate has become the bane of my existence lately when I'm trying to read some Turkish and Jordanian News Sites as of late. Even if you do NOT have an English version please still send me your info. I will post your blog in your native URL and a Google Translated link as well.

In addition, if you are having a Blog Shoot or Blog Meet Up in your area and would like to invite other readers of the GBBL, you can also send me that info as well.  Please give me at least 2 weeks notice.

Also, in many states Hunting Season has arrived or is soon to arrive. So if you went hunting and got your animal, be it Mammal, Fowl, Porcine or Whatever, send me some photos with the information on it and I will post them up once a week here on the GBBL. If you do not want your face shown, please let me know and I will crop it out before posting.

Please send your Blog, Blog Shoot, Blog Meetup info, or your hunting photos to greylocke (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you all, and if you don't hear from me before Thanksgiving, may you all have a Safe, Joyous and filling Thanksgiving this year.

ETA:  As soon as I receive 40 listings, the new page will go active and I will put up a post with the new page and a direct link to it.

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GunDiva said...

Thank you for doing this. I just sent you an email.