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Sunday, January 15, 2017

GBBL cleanup...

It's a new year, and time for the yearly cleaning. Also had a complaint about getting some extraneous links to odd sites, like the download Chrome update now site (don't fall for that, just page back)...

I'm saddened to report we lost 70 more blogs that have not posted in more than a year. Our community is, I think, feeling the pressure to limit one's exposure on the broader internet for any number of reasons; personal, professional or otherwise.

To those we lost, thank you for your contributions over the previous years, know that you will be missed...

One blog I left up is Art of the Rifle, since he's left the blog up. It's a great reference blog on shooters and shooting rifles.

Thank you also to those who have come on board in 2016, we appreciate a fresh look from your perspectives.

One final comment, we do not want 'commercial' links. That is not the purpose of GBBL, this is set of links for gun bloggers to share their experiences, comments and perspectives.

GBBL Admins

1 comment:

Rev. Paul said...

No problem. Your site remains one of the top three contributors to the feed on mine, and I'm happy to be included.