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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Advertising on the Gun Blog Black List

For all the SEO Merchants out there, please stop sending me e-mails asking to "Buy" a "Sponsored" Post on the GBBL.

The GBBL DOES NOT accept paid advertisements or sponsored posts.

Also please stop asking me to add your "COMMERCIAL" Website that has NO blog to the GBBL.

If you only have a blog that you might update 3 times in the last year but the rest of your site is nothing but trying to sell your products, you will not be listed.

I'm sorry for having to post this, but after getting 14 e-mails in 7 days from 14 different SEO and "Advertisers", I'm tired of typing back that the GBBL doesn't accept "posts" paid or otherwise.  Especially when I have ALREADY posted this information: Guest Posting - For The Record

And remember, if you want your blog listed in the "Regional Directory", please e-mail me your information.

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