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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Texas Senate Committee Recommends Passage of Constitutional Carry - Ammoland.com

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)-  Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s efforts resulted in the creation of the Senate Special Committee on Constitutional Issues. The committee hearing started at 9 a.m on 29 April 2021. Lt. Governor Patrick and other Republicans were and are receiving intense pressure to pass Constitutional Carry. It was listed as one of the top eight priorities in the Texas Republican Party Platform and by Republican Chairman Allan West.

While Lt. Governor Dan Patrick worked to set up the special committee, he was in negotiations with various Texas law enforcement agencies and associations to see if they could find a way to support Constitutional Carry. Some amendments were offered to gain support of law enforcement.

Two amendments which were mentioned were these:

  • An amendment that creates a mandatory five-year sentence for felons in possession of a firearm.
  • An amendment that would allow law enforcement to ask prosecutors in adjoining counties to prosecute when prosecution by a local prosecutor was refused.

While Lt. Governor Patrick was working the Senate, Governor Abbot committed to signing HB1927 if it came to his desk. The Commitment of both Lt Governor Patrick and Governor Abbott to Constitutional Carry had been questioned. Both have committed to passage of the bill, possibly with amendments favored by law enforcement.

 Click the link to read the whole article:   Texas Committee Recommends Passage


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