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Friday, June 4, 2021

New York Democrats Once More Prove No Gun Laws Will Ever Be ‘Enough’ - Ammoland.com

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Democrats in New York are making a new push for stronger gun control laws in the remaining days of this year’s legislative session, including a provision that would allow individuals to sue gun manufacturers in the aftermath of a crime,” New York Now reported Tuesday. Lawmakers rallied in Albany Tuesday to support the package, which aims to restrict gun ownership in certain cases, while adding additional requirements for those seeking a firearm.”

They must want to get that Giffords Law Center “A-“ up to a full “A” (apparently even New York City’s Sullivan Act isn’t “good” enough for that). Not that climbing to the top will satisfy doctrinaire gun-grabbers, as California’s grade didn’t stop Gov. Gavin Newsom from having a citizen disarmament meltdown after Golden State edicts didn’t even slow down that maniac in San Jose. (That no one saw fit to tie in victim disarmament there with Sheriff Laurie Smith’s “alleged” CCW for campaign contributions quid pro quo program is no accident.)

It does make it fair to wonder if Giffords would give the People’s Republic of China an “A+.”

So, what do the New York freedom prohibitionists want now?

  • Mandatory drug and mental health certification prior restraints, despite the observable reality that allowing shifting psychiatric opinions from potentially biased examiners to be the sole determinant for disarmament is a lunatic idea.
  • Mandatory safety course and shooting test prior restraints with 90% accuracy results, while, per Gothamist, NYPD officers “must meet a ‘score’ of at least 78 percent.”
  • Require a hunting license and proving you’ve “bought a safe storage depository” before purchasing a gun. And if you don’t hunt? Or if you go to all that expense and get torpedoed by a hoplophobe shrink or only score 11% better than a Big Apple “Only One”?

And, of course, they want to blame and sue gun manufacturers for the actions of those who, based on results, can’t be trusted to be let out of a cell (which they’re against, by the way, and even want to have erased from civil background checks, putting unsuspecting employers, renters and the like at an 83% recidivism risk per the Bureau of Justice Statistics). It’s also interesting, the way neo Marxists spit out the word “profit” like it’s a bad thing.


Click the link to read the whole article:   New York Democrats Once More Prove


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