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Friday, July 16, 2021

Constitutional Carry & Corruption in The Bayou: Louisiana ~ VIDEO - Ammoland.com

Louisiana – -(AmmoLand.com)- When both chambers of the Louisiana legislature passed Constitutional Carry, most pundits expected Governor John Bel Edwards to veto SB 118. According to several people in the know, the Governor is now protecting his veto by offering favors and making threats to elected representatives.

The bill would allow any person who is not prohibited by law to carry a concealed firearm anywhere the citizen can open carry a gun. A resident of the state could not carry a firearm in a gun-free zone and still would need a permit to carry a gun in a restaurant or within 1,000’ of a school. The current concealed carry permit system would remain in place, and most people will still choose to get a permit to expand the areas that they are permitted to carry a gun and for reciprocity with other states.

A lot of gun rights advocates see the Constitutional Carry Bill as more of a start than the perfect pro-gun bill. Anti-gun groups claim that the bill would make Louisiana a more dangerous place. In the 21 states that have passed some form of Constitutional Carry, there hasn’t been an uptick in crimes committed with guns or firearm-related accidents.

When a bill is vetoed in Louisiana, it triggers a veto override session unless the members of the legislature agree NOT to hold one. Right now, it appears that there is an excellent chance that the first-ever veto override session will happen in Louisiana this month.


Click the link to read the whole article:   Constitutional Carry & Corruption

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