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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Addition to the GBBL

I just recently ran across Firearms History, Technology & Development and I just added it to the GBBL.  If you know of a Gun Related Blog that is not listed send us a message and we'll check them out for inclusion.

Remember we can't read ALL of the great blogs out there, so we need your help to get them listed.


Phil said...

Holy Cow!
What an awesome site!
Talk about a time sink, I bet I could spend DAYS reading all of that.

It's also a fantastic source of information about how guns are made, how they were made in the past and plenty of examples of guns you have never heard of from wayyyyyy back, like the 1500's!
I'm going to add this one to MY Blog list just so I can find it easy because I am going to be very busy checking it out for a while.

Heck of a find gentlemen.

Brian Cox said...

I don't know where to send it, but here is a new blog just getting started

GreyLocke said...

I've added your blog Brian. For anyone else, click on the Meet the GBBL Admins link at the top to get our E-mail addresses you can send a link to.