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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Helping others

This is the reason I asked for Bloggers to send me their regional information.

That way people can help locate someone close to them to read, and also to possibly find someone to help introduce them to shooting safely.

I am going to add this same picture to my personal blog, so more people can be introduced to firearms in a safe manner, and they know they can ask me to help them.

If you agree, please add this to your blog.


skybill said...

Hi Mark,
I concur 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been doin' this for a while, it's just hard to get people to "Bridge the gap!!" When they do...."We have a winner!!!" It's kinda like when I was a AFF Accelerated Free Fall (Skydiving) Insructor...2 seconds out of the plane... and "A Star is Born!!!"
Blue Skies,
Gypsy Bandit-out

David said...



GamegetterII said...

God idea-I'm putting it up on both of my blogs.