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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day

Please be very safe.  and while I know most of our readers here don't imbibe and handle firearms, there are newer and less experienced shooters and firearm owners out there who are NOT fully cognizant of the "Four Rules"

Please remember, a bullet can travel a Looooooong distance.  Even .22LR can travel up to 1.5 miles.  and remember that sniper that recently shot a terrorist at over 2 miles away?

Yeah, bullets can go a fair distance.  And what goes up, MUST come down.  And it comes down at very high speed and could injure or KILL someone.

Don't be that person that mishandles/misuses a firearm this Independence Day.

Don't get hurt, and don't hurt anyone else.

And PLEASE get home to your families safe, sound, hearty and hale.

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