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Friday, September 17, 2021

Connecticut Citizens Defense League Wins Partial Victory In Filed Lawsuit - Ammoland.com

SOUTHBURY, CT – -(AmmoLand.com)- The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) announced that since it filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Bridgeport for illegally delaying firearm permit applications.

Bridgeport has now changed its practices to allow applicants a far quicker application process.

At the end of August, CCDL was forced to bring suit against the police chiefs of Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, and Waterbury after learning that these officials were unjustifiably delaying law-abiding city residents’ applications for municipal firearm permits, the first step in applying for a state-issued pistol permit.

In that case, Bridgeport resident Anne Cordero had been trying to submit her application for a municipal firearm permit to the Bridgeport Police Department since last year. In June, the Bridgeport Police Department finally instructed her to sign up for an appointment to submit her application. However, when she tried to sign up, she was informed that Bridgeport’s first available appointment just to submit her application was in late January 2022. Other Bridgeport residents have experienced similar delays.

Last week, in the wake of CCDL’s lawsuit, the Bridgeport Police Department contacted the many Bridgeport residents to whom it previously gave lengthy wait times, and offered them much quicker dates, including later this month.

Click the link to read the whole article:   Citizens Defense League Wins Partial Victory

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