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- Range Bag Contents -

I dumped the contents of my outdoor range bag out to see what I had stuffed in there over the months. Apparently quite a lot.

These photos do not include targets, guns, and ammo, the range bag itself, or eye/ear protection. Or a hat. I keep a little spray bottle of Windex and bug spray in the bag also.

Missing also is the stapler. That must be stuffed somewhere else. Also the specific gun tools and cleaning items (bore snake and what not) are in the cleaning toolbox, which also rides along in my truck.

There is a decent amount of first-aid stuff.

Here are the pictures of the contents of my outdoor range bag:

If there is anything else you feel is essential, please let me know in the comments. I like having a well equipped outdoor range bag.

Here is a list that I used as a source for stuffing my outdoor range bag:

Minimum Range Bag
Gun / range bag
Glasses / eye protection
Ear protection – muffs and plugs
Magazines / Speed loader
Range key / passes / membership ID
Keys for locked cases, trigger locks
Copy of range rules
Gun / tool / accessory manuals
Basic first aid kit

Session Shooting Supplies
Holster / gun belt
Targets / paper plates / balloons
Open chamber flags/sticks or wood rod
Lens cleaner
Cleaning wipes / Wet wipes
Ziplock bag for spent ammo
Duct tape
Adhesive tape / masking tape
Marking pens – red, black Sharpie(tm)
Staple gun and staples
Zip ties
Thumb tacks
Paper towels
Extra batteries (9V, AAA, AA, LR44, CR2016...)
Windex for general cleaning
Disposable gloves / nytril
Brass catcher

Comfort / Human Health
Bottled water
Snack food / energy bars
Hand gel
Hand lotion
Gum / breath mints
Allergy medication
Epi pen
Bug spray
Antibiotic ointments
Burn cream
Saline solution / eye wash
Sun screen
Lip balm
Cold compress
Spare ear plugs
Warm gloves
Advanced first aid kit
Bloodclotter pack

Gun Health / Tools
Utility / box knife
Bore snake
Cleaning rods / tips
Bore swab
Bore brushes
Gun mat
Cleaning rod
Dental pick, plastic
Gun oil
Cotton patches
Cotton rags
Individually packed oil pads/wipes
Brass punches / small hammer
Bore laser / sighter
Bore light
Tape measure
Electrical tape
Gunsmithing screwdrivers
Dummy rounds for verifying action

Notepad with tear-out pages and pen/pencil
Gun rest
Trash bags
Rain poncho
Seat cushion / carpet square
Light jacket
Utility blanket
Timer / stopwatch

Specific to Gun
Batteries specific to light/laser
Snap caps
Gun lock/unlock tool
Hex keys
Tactical flashlight
Spare parts

Cell phone
Spare cash/coins



Unknown said...

wow thats a lot of stuff, but you never can have too much. I always have the boy scout motto ringing in my head when i go out shooting, "be prepared"


blackdog52 said...

hello; i've searched high and low on your website for 'contact'.
this was my last resort; i wanted to let you know that i've linked to your site via www.donewebster.com and i'd appreciate you visiting and consider doing the same. thanks in advance. designer; everett wilson

Mike Miles said...

I never really put enough thought into bringing a full set of "tools" to the range. Thnaks for the heads up!


mike said...

I'd love to see the bag you bring that holds all this! Love it. just upgraded my range bag to allow for many items like this. Hate being somewhere and not having something. Especially something simple.

mike said...

What size bag do you use that can hold all this! Love the list, just upgraded bag sizes to accommodate more essential items. Thanks!

leadsafegunner said...

Check out my blog "Operational Cleanliness" on the new website www.gunsandlead.com to see how you can add a few more things to your range bag to make your time there and in your vehicle and back home (with your family)lead safe. You can start avoiding lead poisoning this week and mark National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week more healthy than ever. Rich Haffey

Unknown said...

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