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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Commenting policy

We don't really have a real commenting policy here except that we ask that you would consider this a place for discourse, not blatant commercialism, petty arguments or profanity.

However after dealing with SPAM links from Hades, I will ask that if you leave a comment, please complete your user profile and make it available for the public to view.

You don't have to fill out everything on the profile, but I would hope you would have more than just you have been a user since such and such date.

You can look at any one of my profiles, I run from simple which shows how long I've been a registered user and a contact e-mail address which is modified so automatic scripts can't read it, to a almost complete full one.

So please put at least some way to contact you on your profile if you comment here.  I think, I might have just deleted one which MIGHT have been from a legitimate user, however there was no way for me to contact them to be sure they were who they say there are.  And their user profile gave me no clues either.

So please, if you comment here leave some for of way for me to confirm you are a real person and not a SpamBot.  You can modify your E-mail address like this Real (DOT)me (AT) HERE (DOT) COM  I know enough to edit your address and might send you an e-mail to confirm you are a real person and left a comment. 

Once I know who you are, I will probably never contact you again, but I will know you so I know your comments aren't Spam.

The main reason I'm saying this is that when I look into the comment moderation section if there are embedded links, they don't show up for me or the other Admins.  Until we approve it.  Which then means we have to delete the comment, and the comment section says "Comment Deleted by Administrator"   I don't like seeing that, as some people might think we are censoring someone, when all were are trying to do is to keep Spam out of the comment section.

If you don't agree with this, please leave a comment.  As long as you keep it respectful with no swearing and on topic, I'll approve the comments.


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