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Friday, May 7, 2021

South Carolina: Constitutional Carry Amendment Fails - Ammoland.com

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Today, the Senate debated adding a constitutional carry amendment to House Bill 3094, the open carry bill. Unfortunately, the amendment failed to be adopted. If your state senator supported the constitutional carry amendment, you may click the button below to thank them.


Senators who supported the constitutional carry amendment:

  • Brian Adams
  • Wes Climer
  • Tom Davis
  • Stephen Goldfinch
  • Dwight Loftis
  • Rex Rice
  • Ross Turner
  • Thomas Alexander
  • Thomas Corbin
  • Michael Gambrell
  • Lawrence Grooms
  • Shane Martin
  • Katrina Shealy
  • Daniel Verdin, III
  • Richard Cash
  • Ronnie Cromer
  • Billy Garrett
  • Josh Kimbrell
  • Harvey Peeler
  • Scott Talley
  • Tom Young, Jr.

Constitutional carry allows a law-abiding adult to carry a handgun without first having to obtain government permission. This ensures that citizens have the right to self-defense without government red tape or delays. Additionally, it maintains the existing Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) system, so citizens who still wish to obtain a permit may do so. Currently, 20 other states have constitutional/permitless carry.

Please stay tuned to www.nraila.org and your email inbox for further updates.


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