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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Time is RUNNING out to oppose ATF's "Stabilizing Brace" Rule - Firearms Policy Coalition

Friend --

With just over a week left until the deadline to comment on the ATF's proposed "stabilizing braces" rule expires at 11:59 PM on 09/08/21, we need those of you who are able to add your comment.  As mentioned in a previous email, the level of engagement we had for the ATF's proposed "receiver" rule was unprecedented.  We need to mirror or exceed that effort for the "stabilizing braces" comment period. 

We have reached out before regarding the ATF's proposed rule, Rule 2021R-08, on "stabilizing braces".  Basically, the ATF would like to redefine the word "rifle" by essentially appending "oh, and braced pistols too...sometimes" to the definition. Stabilizing braces are used by people all across this country. In many cases, individuals using stabilizing braces have an injury or physical impairment in which the braces become a necessary aid.  Should Rule 2021R-08 be adopted these individuals will be hit hard. But you have to remember, the ATF doesn't care. Just ask the dogs.

To take action on the proposed "stabilizing braces" rule, simply click on one of the red "Submit Comment to ATF on Stabilizing Braces" buttons in this email. You will be taken directly to the Federal Register where you will then be able to submit your comment. It is very important that you do NOT copy and paste other comments that you read or see online, the ATF can and will discount comments that are duplicates. 

As this comment period comes to a close, each comment becomes more and more pivotal. The uniqueness of our comments is what will elevate our outreach in the long run. Conversely, gun control groups that are copying and pasting their comments are basically submitting the same exact comment over and over again, which will be to their detriment.  If you haven't joined our ranks yet, please visit JoinFPC.org today to become a member.  We appreciate your continued support and thank you in advance for taking action on this important matter. We continue to lead the fight for "All the Rights. All the Time."

Yours in Liberty,

Trey Ramsey
Grassroots Manager
Firearms Policy Coalition [FPC]

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