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Monday, September 25, 2023

Gun Free School Zone Case – Last Second Warrant Against Metcalf, Still in Federal Lockup! - Ammoland.com

 A surprise development has come to light in the Gun Free School Zone Case involving Gabriel Metcalf in Billings, Montana. As they were processing Gabriel for release from jail on his personal recognizance under the Federal charges, they informed him that he could not leave. Reports say his attorney, Russell Hart, responded by saying, “No, we have an order from the judge for his release.” They then informed Hart that the charges on this warrant are not federal; they are local charges.

They had not served the warrant, but the jail refused to release Gabriel due to the warrant’s existence. No one could say exactly what the warrant alleged because no one in the jail system, Gabriel, or his Federal defender had seen the warrant as of early Thursday evening.

This morning, Friday, 22 September, the Yellowstone Detention Facility inmate search engine showed Gabriel as still in custody. Instead of the single federal charge, with a $0.00 bond, it now showed two charges, the federal charge and a local Misdemeanor Assault charge with a $2,500.00 bond. It seems peculiar that the Billings Police could find this warrant right as they were about to release Gabriel.

Before the arrest of Gabriel on the single federal charge of possessing a firearm in a federally defined Gun Free School Zone, records show Billings police had, more than once, stated Gabriel had not broken any laws, so they had no grounds to arrest him.

Click the link to read the whole article:  Last Second Warrant Against Metcalf

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